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Bring hope to people in an exclusive manner thereby
enabling healthier and happier lives


Unique creative ecosystem to inspire researchers/engineers to generate innovations


Advanced diagnostic solutions tailored to the current medical needs


Centre of Excellence in Translational Research

Message from the Managing Director

                      Dr. Paul C. Salins
                    Managing Director
Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation (MSMF) is established to provide philanthropic support, medical outreach and translational research. Our goal is to make advanced healthcare accessible and cutting edge Medical Science applications affordable. MSMF with Narayana Health has established a unique hospital-based ecosystem for bringing our shared vision to fruition. 
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  • Facilitate research that transcends inter-disciplinary boundaries towards addressing challenges in treatment of various human diseases in a translational manner.
  • Reach out to people in an exclusive manner thereby enabling healthier and happier lives all around. This is facilitated using a two prong approach, both treatment and financial support to the sick and needy.
  • Our vision is to develop a robust ecosystem where we are ready to anticipate the demands of today and answer tomorrow's challenges in the medical spectrum with a unique blend of a new paradigm shift in the way diagnostic solutions are offered in close collaboration among researchers, pathologists, scientists, physicians and patients.

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