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Message from the Managing Director

"The landscape of healthcare is constantly changing, we are moving towards a better understanding of the molecular cause of disease, genetic basis for susceptibility with the advancement in technology. But, we are constantly challenged by the micro-organism, highly diverse pathology that are environmentally induced and our acts to pollute the nature. There should be a compelling need to dissociate healthcare from affluence to ensure that the fruits of progress in medicine benefits all who needs it. The foundation for medical progress should adhere to compassion and research motivated by sensitivity to human suffering. Therefore, the medical profession of the future cannot remain as a mere speciality but should learn and work with every branch of science. The effective physician of the futu...

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  • To facilitate research that will contribute to early detection and treatment of various human diseases in a translational manner that is derived from knowledge gained through cellular, molecular, biochemical and genetic approaches.
  • To reach out to people in an exclusive manner thereby enabling healthier and happier lives all around. This is facilitated using a two prong approach, both treatment and financial support to the sick and needy.
  • To be a center of excellence for translation of biomedical research.
  • To be a world class organisation with a kind heart to treat and strengthen the sick.

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