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    Grants/Patents: Investigator Initiated Grants on early detection, diagnostic research and AI based imaging studies (6Cr). Patents granted on molecular cytology-based detection system and nanoparticle-based delivery system
Imaging based early detection systems for oral cancer: Multiple imaging systems, a portable OCT device, and a mobile-phone based system were evaluated for their efficacy in efficacy in delineation of oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMDs). The portable OCT system integrated with ANN-based analysis delineated high-grade dysplasia with high sensitivity (83%), which in turn can be employed to triage patients for tertiary care referral (James et al., 2021). Additionally, a customized dual-modality mobile oral screening device in combination with an efficient Mobile Net in a lite format, achieved 81% accuracy for distinguishing normal/benign lesions from clinically suspicious lesions, using a gold standard of clinical impression based on the review of images by
GelMA based 3D cell system in glioblastoma: We have developed a 3D cell system based on gelatin methacrylate (GelMA) hydrogels and are studying them to understand its suitability as a 3D model system to mimic treatment-resistant mesenchymal (MES) type of GBM cells that reside in specific niches of the GBM microenvironment. Cells cultured in 3D-GMH showed higher infiltrative and invasive potential and increased chemo resistance to temozolomide (TMZ) compared to cells cultured on 2D platform. Further, the 3D-GMH system enriched treatment-resistant mesenchymal cells that resembled the cells found in the perivascular and perinecrotic zones of glioblastoma tumors (Shah et al., 2021)
In vitro model of insulin resistance developed by the Molecular Immunology team Divya CA, Sujan K Dhar, Anithkumar, Manjula Shantaram and Manjula Das:   June 2022: Medicinal Plant 14(2): 240-250: Comparison of Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Lipogenesis Activity of Holarrhena Antidysenterica Plant Part
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