Message from the Managing Director

“The landscape of healthcare is constantly changing, we are moving towards a better understanding of the molecular cause of disease, genetic basis for susceptibility with the advancement in technology. But, we are constantly challenged by the micro-organism, highly diverse pathology that are environmentally induced and our acts to pollute the nature. There should be a compelling need to dissociate healthcare from affluence to ensure that the fruits of progress in medicine benefits all who needs it. The foundation for medical progress should adhere to compassion and research motivated by sensitivity to human suffering. Therefore, the medical profession of the future cannot remain as a mere speciality but should learn and work with every branch of science. The effective physician of the future will also have to be a scientist, an engineer and a socio economist.

The conviction behind the Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation is the belief that only a will, highly motivated by compassion can direct science towards intelligent innovations that convert today’s expensive medical discoveries into affordable solutions. To make this possible, a strategy was developed to seamlessly incorporate a high tech hospital with translational research facilities, medical outreach & compassionate care programs and technology development capabilities, into a highly interactive ecosystem. The idea is to create a new hospital culture where every health-worker has ready access to resources for guided innovation at multiple levels. The Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center (MSMC), a unit of Narayana Health, with the Mazumdar Shaw Center for Translational Research (MSCTR), Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Outreach Program (MSCOP) and Mazumdar Shaw Center for Affordable Technologies (MS-CAT) are the current 4 pillars of the Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation. Soon, a 5th pillar will also be added, the Mazumdar Shaw International Medical Academy providing a unique opportunity for bridging medical practice with research, sociology & economics, technology and medical design.

What makes the practice of Medicine so exciting, is not just the scholarship, knowledge or skill, but the great mystery that is the human body. A doctor quickly learns that man is much more than the sum of parts taught in anatomy, or the processes unravelled in physiology but something much more, with hidden dimensions for which science has no vocabulary. Even when our medicine succeeds, the credit entirely must go to our body’s ability to withstand chemical the insult to its homeostasis from the use of drugs having less than specific action and its miraculous ability to heal despite violent disruption of its structural cohesion during surgery. There is also our environment which is changing much faster than our bodies can evolve and the stress of increasing expectation at every level of human performance in compelling unrealistic transformation of the way we live and function. For this reason, the Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation also has a focus on integrative medicine, as well as art and culture. Albert Einstein said “After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tends to coalesce in aesthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are artists as well.”

The Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation is a platform seamlessly connecting and energizing multiple stake holders in healthcare towards achieving the specific goal of accessible excellence in healthcare. It is my view that we are establishing one of the most exciting enterprises for creating the future of global healthcare that can truly help make the world a happier place.”

Dr. Paul C. Salins
Managing Director
Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation

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