Technology Business Incubator

Welcome to InCITE TBI
(Supported by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India)
InCITE is a unique co-creation space for biomedical innovators to spur technically-disruptive, clinically-impact and commercially-viable technologies. We bring together engineers, clinicians, scientists, entrepreneurs and end-users to develop life-saving medical technologies.
  • Key Activities
  • Early stage prototype / PoC assistance
  • Intellectual Property assistance
  • Global technology sourcing
  • Technology validation, preclinical and clinical trials
  • Technology commercialization
  • Seed funding and fund raising syndication
  • Incorporation & Incubation activities
  • Market research and Industrial Relations
  • Spin off ventures involving Entrepreneurs in Residence
  • Expert and Mentors

InCITE lab has a vast network of most innovative, creative and seasoned experts in the venture space. InCITE Lab organises one-on-one meetings, venture capitalists, creative directors, legal guides and serial entrepreneurs share their insight, experience and advice in order to help you take your own venture further, faster.

  • Unique DNA of InCITE

InCITE functions as a workshop for various users to have access to prototyping, fabrication and research tools, and medtech expertise across a global network. Since medical technology development typically happens within disciplinary silos, a venue embedded in a clinical setting that brings disciplines (medicine, engineering and business) together is essential to build a more robust medtech innovation ecosystem.

There just aren’t enough medical technology innovation outlets available to connect cross-disciplinary experts, validate needs, prototype products, develop business plans, navigate regulatory requirements, and pilot products.

InCITE Lab is embedded within MSMF and can respond to the demands of a new generation of globally-minded and mission-driven innovators, in India and will attract talent from India and around the globe.

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